Mission of the Katelyn Ann Memorial Fund

Mission of the Katelyn Ann Memorial Fund

Katie had a tattoo with the words “Carpe Omnius” very visible to everyone. This means “Seize It All” and it is a phrase that we have chosen for her memorial fund. The reason for this is that we hope to make a substantial difference in our community in Katie’s name! We don’t want to have an inside voice.

Our fund has two missions:

#1 To fund mental health projects for youth and young adults.

Our progress so far has included helping to fund the 2nd annual conference of Prevent Suicide Greater Milwaukee.This year we are shifting the focus and raising money to implement mental health programs in local schools.

#2 To give scholarships to students who want to pursue an area of art.

We give out yearly art scholarships to graduates of Menonomee Falls High School. As of 2015, due to substantial fundraising last summer, we have now increased the total amount of our award up to $2,000 per year. This makes the Katie Fennig Memorial Art Scholarship one of the largest private scholarships in Menomonee Falls. Given the rising costs of college education, this will surely help graduates of the school in substantial ways! Carpe Omnius!

Support the Mission

Please consider making a donation to the Katelyn Ann Fennig Memorial Fund. Your donation is tax deductible.